Do you find yourself struggling to get some tasks done, even though you know they are essential to your success? Do you feel disappointed with some work that you have produced? Have you noticed that you just can’t focus on what you are doing and think that a task is taking way too long to complete?

We have all been there. Don’t just beat yourself up for being lazy! That is counter-productive. After all, motivation is a finite resource.

Many people put a significant focus on time management. Don’t get me wrong, effective time management is crucial. …

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Andy pulled the blanket over his head, wrapping himself up like a mummy, despite the warmth of the night. His fists were tightly clenched around the blanket, holding it firmly in place on top of him. Small, salty tears somehow managed to squeeze out through the corners of his eyes, even though he had them squeezed shut so tightly that they ached.

“It’s not real, it’s not real…” he repeatedly muttered to himself, over and over. Like he could somehow convince himself if only he repeated it enough times.

He tried hard to convince himself that what he had seen…

Are you happy with your life? I mean, are you really satisfied with how things are going for you?

If you are like a lot of people, the answer is probably a resounding “hell, no!”. And that really is too bad.

Because if you are not happy with your life today, when will you be happy? Tomorrow? The day after? When you get a new job? When you retire?

Living like that SUCKS. I know; been there, done that. Life is way too short to live that way.

But I also know that it does not have to be that…

And reflecting on the things that really matter.

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I have been eager to revisit something that I used to do more often, which is getting outside at night to view the Perseids meteor shower. Every year from mid-July to mid-August, the earth passes through a trail of debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet. The bits of debris create fiery, colourful streaks in the sky as they collide with the earth’s atmosphere. It makes for some natural fireworks and is really enjoyable to watch if you can get away from light pollution to maximize visibility.

The peak period for viewing…

The Productivity Tip That Will Allow You to Unleash Your Genius

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I am sure that we all have been in this situation. We start our day pumped up, thinking of all the fantastic work that we are going to produce that day. We then go about our day, working our tails off. We feel worn out by the time the end of the day arrives, and are dismayed to realize that we only accomplished a third of what we had hoped to get done. We wonder how that is possible when we feel so tired. That leads to stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. …

Breaking Out of Your Rut.

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I have noticed something about myself, and I am pretty sure that it is a pervasive trait in today’s society. I procrastinate. A lot.

I have a big list of things that I want to get done. I have a whole pile of things that others are waiting on me for. I know that I need to make certain choices. And yet — I hesitate. I find a reason NOT to do the things that I know need doing. I occupy myself with “busy work”; anything to avoid doing what desperately needs to be done.

However, there is hope for…

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What might happen:

  • If we dared to allow ourselves to dream?
  • If we actually took action towards our dreams?
  • If we stood up for what is right?
  • If we allowed everyone to see who we really are, not who we are expected to be?
  • If we ignored the naysayers and tried to do something they said couldn’t be done?
  • If we ignored the voice inside our head that was always telling us that we are not good enough?
  • If we showed up?
  • If we told someone how we really feel?
  • If we chose to act in the face of our…

Tips for Preparing Yourself for a Promotion

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Do you feel that you want to start positioning yourself for a promotion in your company? If so, this article is for you. In this article, you will find the key considerations to help you decide if you actually should pursue a promotion or not. You will find some tips on how to prepare yourself and your employer for an eventual move up a rung on the corporate ladder.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you genuinely want to be promoted. Frequently, people blindly step up into a new role, only to find that they do not…

Creating an Investment Plan for Your Time

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There are interesting similarities between time and money. You can trade time for money (i.e. have a job). You can also exchange money for time (outsource mowing your lawn, for example).

Everyone knows that you can invest your money. But have you thought about the concept of investing your time? If not, you definitely should think about it. Because while you can trade money for time, you cannot buy more time. On the other hand, you can always make more money. But each of us has a limited time here on earth, and we usually do not know how much…

The Simple 4-Step Process to Living the Life of Your Dreams.

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Life is messy; it is a complicated affair. But you really should strive to make the most of it as it is the only one you get. And it inevitably passes by much more quickly than you think it will. To make the most of that one precious life, you need to understand what it is you want.

What do you want your life to look like?

Peter McWilliams wisely noted, “you can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything you want. ”. You have to decide what you want.

The truth is that if you…

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